If you are buying VPN that make sure that you read our full guide on how to buy the best US VPN using which you can unblock any blocked site in matter of seconds.
1- All VPNs are not safe
All VPN are not equal so dont buy cheap VPN or very famous VPN, most probably there will be some hacks that your boss or some one will catch you from that VPN.

2- Buy Besr VPN
In our review HMA and Cyber ghost were the best VPN, although they are bit pricely but we love using them.
3- Browsser Proxies
Zenmate is best browser proxy. There are hola and some other too but in our view zenmate is best. There free version is useless. Make sure you are using VPN which encrypt your content so you are totally safe online. 5- Tips
Block ads while using VPN so you cant be tracked that way.